The Grow Ministries – Case Study

The Grow Ministries is a grass roots Christian organization started in January 2016 in Uganda that is dedicated to helping the less fortunate. Their focus is on lowering the poverty rate in Uganda by equipping people with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a successful life. Eddie, the founder and CEO of the organization contacted me through Facebook stating that they were looking for help building a simple site that would just house information about the organization for people who wanted to find out more and donate. Read more

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New Case Study – Megan Lee

Megan Lee Logo & Branding

When Megan contacted me she had just started a blog called Fearlessly Megan, but was looking to transform her business into a well-being coach biz complete with 1:1 coaching, courses, a book, and the blog. She was going to focus on helping busy women overcome anxiety and live happier, healthier lives. A big part of her brand was yoga, and she wanted to keep with a holistic vibe. Read more